200g parboiled rice Dos Hermanos
1 bunch of herbs
1 onion, brunoised
250g thin pork loin chops, sliced
100g bacon, diced
½ glass dry white wine
½ red pepper, sliced
Salt, pepper, paprika
Oil, necessary amount

Boil the rice with the bunch of herbs in abundant salty water. Strain and keep the rice warm. Take the bunch of herbs out. Meanwhile, cook the bacon over oil until crisp. Take the bacon off and, using the same oil, fry the onion lightly for some minutes, then add the slices of pork. Stir in the wine and cook over high heat until alcohol can be no longer smelt. Add the red pepper and reduce heat. Cook until juice is reduced. Add salt, pepper and paprika to taste. To present the dish, make a volcano of rice and place pork on top.